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How God Met Me in My Darkest Hour: Bankruptcy

I sat alone in my car on a Tuesday afternoon blankly staring out the window. I couldn’t feel anything at all. My entire body and brain were completely numb. The last four years I had been fighting the biggest battle of my business career  – and [...]
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My Friend Eddie White

Before meeting Eddie, I didn’t have much sympathy for guys like him. Whenever I would drive by or walk by someone holding a sign, thoughts of doubt and skepticism would run through my mind. “Homeless Veteran: Need Money for Food.” “Single Mother on S [...]
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My grandfather, Ralph J. Patton, was drafted into the United States Army less than one year after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. He was 17 years old. He completed basic training at Fort Jackson in Columbia, SC, and from there [...]
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What Dying Well Looks Like

Whenever I hear stories of combat heroes, something resonates deep within me. I don’t cry often, but when I see a war movie, with brothers fighting alongside each other and paying the ultimate price, my eyes will start welling with tears. There is si [...]
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Two Competing Gods

I have always enjoyed keeping a journal.  Before becoming a believer, I would use my journal to empty my head and get any creative thoughts out on paper.  Now it also serves a deeper purpose of detailing my conversations with God. Not only do I find [...]
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Why I Stopped Trying to Get Things Done

About eight years ago I read the classic organizational book, “Getting Things Done.” At the time, it was a game changing book for me. It laid out a master system for personal and business filing and task management that gave me the ability (as the ti [...]
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How to Eliminate Negotiations from your Business Life

Recently, I had a friend bring a business project to me that would require a significant investment. He had a great idea for a roll-up in the Real Estate industry, but needed a financial partner in order to accomplish his strategy. We spent some time [...]