I Want God to Pray

I Want God to Pray

This week while I was tucking Emily into bed, I asked her if she wanted me to pray or if she wanted to pray.  Usually she asks me to pray, but this time she said, “I want God to pray.”

I paused as I thought about how I should respond. After a moment I told her that sometimes God does speak to us.  I asked her if she wanted to be quiet for our normal prayer time to see if God said anything to us. She agreed, and we were quiet for a few minutes.

I didn’t hear anything specifically or feel that God was directing me in any way, but when I asked Emily if she heard anything from God, she immediately said, “Yes!”  I asked what she had heard and she said: “Be honorable to others and love them… But I don’t know what honorable means.”

Whether she heard that phrase somewhere recently and remembered it while we were praying, or God specifically spoke these words to her heart, I do not know. But I was so encouraged by this! God was answering a prayer that I have consistently prayed for my children since they were born: That they would know God and be led by His Spirit in this world. What a miracle!

I Teach, God Moves

That night, it seemed that God was starting to speak to Emily, and that she had a desire to hear from Him! I realized that I can try and help foster an environment where they understand what knowing and following God looks like, but God is the one who has to touch their heart. There are many things I can teach them. But if God doesn’t move in their heart supernaturally, then nothing that I teach will have any eternal value for them.  My spiritual goal as a father is to point my children towards God. Like everything else in the Kingdom of God, I am not actually in control of the results.  My job is to steward to the best of my ability and leave the results up to him.

I am encouraged to see Him at work, and pray for God to continue to deepen his relationship with Emily.

How about you?  How are you stewarding the influence you have over your children’s hearts?  Are you teaching them rules and religion, or love and relationship with God?  What do they see in your relationship with God that is not normal? When they leave your house are they going to have a desire to pursue God personally?

As a parent, we must ask these questions regularly to see how God may want to direct us.  I encourage you to pray through these questions this week in your time with God. Ask Him to continue leading you, so that you can lead your children well!

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