Jonathan Patton

Jonathan Patton

About the Author

I love ventures and starting new things, which is why I wanted to create a guide for people who are trying to follow Jesus while founding a company or successfully growing a business. Due to the limited amount of resources on this topic, I felt a calling to write about my journey to hopefully encourage you on yours.

I started my first real estate investment company while still in college. Over the years have purchased or founded seven of my own companies (and one non-profit) in the Real Estate, Mining, Construction, Asset Management, and Agriculture industries. My primary current role is serving as the managing partner of Trivium Strategic Capital, an international private asset management firm. Through some success as well as complete failure, I have learned that God is always leading me according to his purposes, regardless of what challenges I may face day to day in my businesses.

I have three amazing children: JD is my skateboarding eight year old, Emily is six and full of imagination (which can lead to nightmares), and Charlotte is two and yells whenever she sees a deer in our back yard. I have been married for twelve amazing years to my beautiful wife, Anne, and we are excited for many more to come.

Enough about me! Let’s journey together as we learn how to follow God in business and at home.

Jonathan and Anne Patton