Living on Mission

Paul’s Mission

Paul was actually already a hero in his Jewish faith before he met Jesus.  He was zealous and quite successful as a religious leader as he aggressively imprisoned and put to death early Christians who were following Jesus.  As he was actively searching for more Christians to kill, Paul met with the One he was persecuting.

Jesus, in mercy, tapped Paul on the shoulder and invited him into the greatest mission that the world has ever seen.  The same mission that would change the course of the history of the world. That mission was to tell anyone and everyone about Jesus Christ, regardless of their race, age, sex, or social status.

Our Mission Today

All of us who follow Jesus have a responsibility to live out our Christian faith in obedience to whatever mission God has for us. This can often be difficult and full of challenges. Perhaps my greatest fear is wondering if I will remain willing to live this out while I live here on earth, despite what I think may be good or bad for me and my family.  I believe this is a regular battle that we must face and pray through often with God:

Am I truly all-in?  

Have I been actively participating in His mission?

Am I being obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit?

Regardless of what God has called us to, we have the same opportunity that Paul had.  Whether we serve on foreign mission fields or faithfully serve in our local relationships, we have the opportunity to be heroes of the Faith.  But there is a cost involved and it requires obedience.

Are you all-in on God’s mission?   

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