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Living on Mission

Paul’s Mission Paul was actually already a hero in his Jewish faith before he met Jesus.  He was zealous and quite successful as a religious leader as he aggressively imprisoned and put to death early Christians who were following Jesus.  As he was a [...] Read More
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Family Soup Night

Family Soup Night Anne and I recently started a new get together at our house called Soup Night.  The premise is simple:  We know other families, they all have kids, they all eat dinner every night… Why not invite them over to have dinner with our fa [...] Read More
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The Real Thing

Bird Hunting My first experience bird hunting was two years ago at a gold mine that we have in Alaska.  We would go out some evenings, when dusk was starting to settle in, and drive around the property on our ATVs to hunt for Ptarmigan. If we came ac [...] Read More